DC Talk - Jesus Freak: Album Review

The old and the new message testifying steadfast faith for Christ
( [email protected] ) May 11, 2004 01:53 AM EDT

An older album that still continues to rock the Christian radio stations 8 years after its release date, JESUS FREAK, is one of Christian music’s best-selling albums and boldly proclaims the faith in God. Jesus Freak was a phrase taken from the 1970’s and made into DC Talk’s greatest album’s title, and it proclaims clearly and shamelessly about how much Jesus means to them.

The unique collection and blend of rap, pop, funk, and grunge rock, provides rich variety and amazing harmonies. Michael Tait rocks the melodic “Between You and Me,” the band shakes the ground with the powerful “Jesus Freak” and “Mind’s Eye,” and Dc Talk’s version of Charlie Peacock’s “In the Light” truly shines.

The message in the music calls out to the ones who truly seek the Truth that shall set them free and allows all people to reflect and deeply meditate. Not every person may enjoy this style of music, but beyond that, there is this embedded richness of the deep heart in this album that would touch every heart that opens to its message.

Lindsay from Nashville says, “Make no mistake, this CD is as bold and true in its lyrics as it is in its music. Buy Jesus Freak and listen. Then tune in to secular radio and listen to bands like P.O.D., Linkin Park, and even to a lesser extent, Limp Bizkit. DC Talk is the band that doesn’t substitute Jesus with love for airplay, and stands firmly for Jesus. That is one of the many reasons everyone should buy this.”

1. So Help Me God

2. Colored People

3. Jesus Freak

4. What If I Stumble

5. Day by Day

6. Mrd. Morgan

7. Between Your and Me

8. Like It, Love It, Need It

9. Jesus Freak (Reprise)

10. In the Light

11. What Have We Become

12. Mind’s Eye