Upcoming Sophomore Release

Backstage band of St. James steps up in creating new project in worship.
( [email protected] ) May 11, 2004 10:22 PM EDT

This summer, FUSEBOX has announced their new rock/worship CD Once Again, featuring Third Day’s Mac Powell, Otto Price, Quinlan, Joel Smallbone, Ainslie Grosser, and lead singer Billy Buchanan. FUSEBOX is also known to be the backstage powerhouse worshippers supporting Rebecca St. James in her “Reborn,” “Worship God” and “Worship God Encore” tours.

The anticipated release date is on June 15, 2004 with acclaimed EMI label Inpop/Elevate records. For the first time, this album plays significantly in revealing the identity of the group as lead singer Billy Buchanan reveals the path that had shaped him into being a worship/contemporary artist who leads the culture of Gospel music ministry.

Revealing about his hard up-raising, coming from a broken home, Billy testified “Having been exposed to it when I was younger brought me back to that place of wanting Him in my life,” recalls Billy. “No matter what the world had to offer, it didn’t fill the voids in my life and it didn’t bring peace at the end of the day.”

Once Again, is truly a project of its own in that it combines both worship focus and the freshness of funk and rock putting together a versatile album of 10 tracks. The genres range from powerful ballads, hype-stimulating rock, and praise. The album’s choice of individual artists, including Third Day’s Mac Powell, is also contains high diversity.

“Many of the songs are really vertical in nature, but they also have a lot of personal investment in them,” notes Billy. “Songs like ‘Look What You’ve Done’ and ‘Thank You’ are meant to pour out gratitude and thankfulness because God has delivered me from such dire circumstances. When we’re lifting Him up with these songs, I’m feeling the words heal a little bit more of those past wounds every time they’re sung.”

Tracks such as “Look What You’ve Done (with songbird Donnie Lewis) and “I’m Yours” featuring Quinlan, are reminiscent of the performance that the three have done together in “!Hero, the Rock Opera” with St. James.