Billy Buchanan: Fusebox Music Artist Biography

For the Glory of God in a Life for Worship
( [email protected] ) May 12, 2004 10:42 AM EDT

Frontman of FUSEBOX, Billy Buchanan makes his audience know the work and amazing power of God that An artist that does not merely focus upon the style of worship, frontman of FUSEBOX Billy Buchanan truly takes the form of an artist who touches his audience with the message of the Gospel.

A music artist and worship leader is not just simply the one that leads the crowd and guiding them to God, but true worship comes from the living testimony of the ones up front and on stage. As the Word of God has taught us, the sacrifice that we offer our Lord is the life that we live as living sacrifices. Worship leaders are no different, in that they are the ones to set a clean role model and guide the audience to God. The spiritual leadership that worship leaders provide comes from the testimony and the power of the Holy Spirit to lead the crowd in praise.

The biography of Billy Buchanan who revealed much of his life through this worship and a new album release testifies to how the Lord has changed him and shaped him into a worship leader that strikes passion into young worshipers today. Buchanan does not hide times of hardship that are to reveal and glorify God’s work through his life. In times of praise and worship, he exposes the audience of the wounds and pains of a life without the presence of God that he had experienced in his former years.

In making of his new album, Once Again, Buchanan discloses the fear and despair during his former years living in a broken home with an unsupportive father who caused much pain towards his mother in raising Billy and his siblings.

“I was 11 when my parents divorced and that was after a long train of some pretty dark times,” Billy reveals. “My only memories of my father as a child are of him being unfaithful of drinking a lot. Still my mom was always the one to try and hold the family together. Even though every other day of the week was filled with turmoil, she’d make a point of getting my brothers and me to church every Sunday she could.”

It was not until Billy discovered his music talent at the Atlanta Institute of Music joined other music groups playing in night clubs and in sold-out shows. Despite the success, Billy felt a calling towards the worship leading career due to the lack of peace and meaning in his music and life. Suddenly, while reading the Gospel of John, Billy testified that he dramatically felt an urge and a need to re-commit his life back to Christ.

“It’s funny because when we first started out and I was learning the ropes, I was very private about my story and the pain I felt growing up,” Billy says. “But as I felt called to share it, I was shocked to see how many people would come up after shows and tell me about how their parents got divorced or about how they were abused as a child. I never realized my words had the potential to have such an impact on people, which has led me to the point of speaking and writing from the heart all the more.”

Following the decision that he made, Billy went on with his artistic foundation and joined a grassroots band called “Beehive” with Forefront records, and eventually, leading to the Buchanan to the backstage of Rebecca St. James. The group christened themselves as the name “Fusebox” in the year 2000 and opened the “Worship God” and “Reborn” tours. Fusebox began to tour over 25 countries and released their record “Lost in Worship” with Inpop/Elevate records spawning the hit single “Every Move I Make” under the production of Otto Price. Rebecca St. James played a very influential and supportive role for Buchanan. Not only did she set a protocol for him, but it was those days also became a precursor for Billy opening up his testimony that gave the powerful message with which many fans can relate.

“The Lord rescued me from a difficult past and I owe my life to Him,” concludes Billy. “Although it would have been nice to have a real relationship with my earthly father, my Heavenly Father is all that I need. God is everything a father should be. He’s always there. He loves to hear me talk. In a loving way, He disciplines me when I’m wrong. He encourages me when I’m a failure. He is worthy of my continual worship and praise and I am honored to lead His people in worship through music.”