Love Comes in All Colors - Album Review

Youth For Christ Says "Yes" to the Lord
( [email protected] ) May 14, 2004 07:20 PM EDT

"When I look at how God's been good to me, all I can say is hallelujah!"

These are the graceful words of Troy Sneed, founder and director of the

Grammy-nominated choir, Youth For Christ, and in my opinion, the words of

Mr Sneed come very close to summing up the youthful energy and amazing love

of God that flow from YFC's recently released sophomore album, "Love Comes

In All Colors." Sneed leads the fourth track of the album called "I Give

You Praise," a song, written by Sneed, possessing an elegant simplicity

which, while it wonderfully embodies the great joy that comes from knowing

Christ, also reveals the humility and awe that God inspires in us all. "I

give You praise, glorify Your name. Hallelu'! Lord I give You praise." Not

much to argue with there.

But then, Sneed, a talented performer in his own

right, calls on the choir to join him in praise. 300 plus voices enter in

full harmony, echoing the words of Sneed. But these bright voices, though

they clearly belong to young performers, somehow also manage to emulate

Sneed's mature passion and sincere emotion. This is the great achievement

of Youth For Christ. Behind the resonating harmonies and exact phrasing,

each bespeaking a professionalism beyond the years of the choir's youthful

members, one both hears and feels the great love of God that is the

foundation of it all. In fact, the only thing out of synch, though

justifiably so, is the sound of Sneed yelling, "Come on, come on," inviting

the audience to join them in praise as the organ plays in the background.

And I have to say, if your hands aren't raised by then, Sneed's appeals

finish the job.

"Love Comes In All Colors," YFC's second live album, a project which

follows their GRAMMY-nominated debut album "Higher," features such

vocalists as Sony Records artist Kim Burrell and gospel legend Rev. Milton

Biggham as well as 17-year-old Ashley Boston whose future in the kingdom of

God looks quite promising. All the elements of the album-- including the

infectious energy emanating from the performance's live audience, over

4,000 attendees at Bethel Baptist Institutional Church in Jacksonville,

Florida--all the elements come together to produce a pleasingly unified

sound. From more upbeat tracks like "Jesus Is The Light" with it's

refreshingly funky groove and layered voice parts to the more laid back but

equally as inspiring "Yes Lord," with it's smooth vocals and relaxing lead

guitar, these young singers display a versatility and range that is indeed

praiseworthy. Perhaps most impressive, though, is the ability of this group

of young people to not only successfully carry but also enliven the

traditional gospel sound on tracks such as "Let Jesus Lead You" and "Shine

On Me (Church)." They are able to sing with a love for the Lord that both

uplifts and restores some of our own youth in Christ.

The title of the album is inspired by its second track entitled "Colors," a

song lead by the amazing vocal stylings of Kim Burrell and brought home by

YFC. The song reminds us of the precious gifts we all possess in the eyes

of God and that truly, the love of God is given equally to all,

irrespective of race. The lighthearted innocence of YFC and the strength

with which this message is relayed can be felt throughout the entire album.

"Love Comes In All Colors," from its funky bass and horn sections to the

beautiful voices of YFC's inspiring young performers, was truly a blessing

to me and I pray it is a greater blessing to all of you. Grace and Peace.