All Right Here - Sara Groves

( [email protected] ) May 15, 2004 09:40 AM EDT

With a voice that many say is comparable to that of an angel, Sara Groves honestly presents an album of love, sincerity, and life on earth. ALL RIGHT HERE opens up the artists’ heart to the world and allows us to see and reflect on our image as well. Songs are well-written by the hands of the talented mother who plays beautiful melodies with passion and thoughtful. Within each song, there is diversity and sometimes even edginess, like in “Less Like Scars.” “First Song That I Sing” is more pop-like and reminds us that giving the first of the day to God with praise is a really joyful and perfect way to begin the day. For those who have faced many tough trials, have faded from the first heart of love for God, feel confined by the image of false religiosity, or simply want to listen to a good and solid Christian album, ALL RIGHT HERE will reach out to your soul and may even brings tears in your eyes. In this album, the love of God is seen and felt within the lyrics and vocals that bring life. Sit back and relax to this music of the heart.

Patrick from Annapolis, MD shares, “I listen to this album and hear someone filled with His love and someone who doesn't count the number of times "God" and "Jesus" are in her album, but just lets it be part of her life, including her songwriting.”

“The first time I listened to this album, I liked it. After about the third time through, when I had a chance to really take in all the lyrics, I loved it. Then I listened to it alone in the car, and I couldn't believe how much every song meant to me. It is like someone wrote down my life and put it on a CD. I have listened to this many, many times now, and I am still not tiring of it in the least,” testifies a fan from Riverside, California.

1. Less Like Scars

2. Every Minute

3. Fly

4. You Did That for Me

5. Just One More Thing

6. All Right Here

7. Remember Surrender

8. Maybe There’s a Loving God

9. This Peace

10. Tornado

11. First Song That I Sing

12. You Cannot Lose My Love

13. Jesus, You’re Beautiful