St James Leads Youth in Advocating Sexual Abstinence

Rebecca tours Europe and finds youth in preaching her message and testimony on purity.
( [email protected] ) May 19, 2004 03:43 PM EDT

Rebecca St. James¡¯ music ministry does not only aspire in spreading deep-faith songs proclaiming the culture of Christ. Through her endeavors wanting to lead many youth in Christ-like lives, she tries to show them through her example of proclaiming about purity. St. James stands steadfastly for Christ, even if it means overcoming persecutions that come from all sides.

St. James has been called from time to time, ¡°the voice of her generation," as the recording artist consistently uses her platform for Christ by challenging youth to stand boldly for purity. Concerts of hers include altar calls and St. James¡¯ short declarations regarding commitment to be kept clean in love.

Her single, ¡°Wait For Me,¡± has not only become a popular hit among young fans, but it also the anthem for abstinence. St. James wrote her book after the song titled Wait For Me, and currently it has been translated into several languages all around the world and expanded its outreach internationally. In addition, Rebecca has written two other young adult devotional books that are also top sellers -- 40 Days With God and 40 More Days With God. Currently, she is expecting to finish another book that will be published this year.