On-going Partnership with Steven Curtis Chapman

Chapman and the James' Fund for Orphans around the World
( [email protected] ) May 21, 2004 09:11 AM EDT

The ongoing partnership between award-winning singer/songwriter recording artist Steven Curtis Chapman and Family Christian Stores continued to work together supporting two operations - the Chapman family’s Shaohannah’s Hope Foundation and Family Christian Store’s The James Fund. The joint venture, which formed Christmas of last year, has raised $50,000 for orphans around the world.

Previously, for Christmas, Family Christian Stores offered the 'James Fund Teddy Bear,' nicknamed Barnabas, as donations for orphans and funds going to united foundations. This promotion quickly sold over 25,000 teddy bears in an instant success in six weeks.

The second phase of the funds allocation will take place in selling another stuffed animal to cover the tremendous demands. The "Shaoey Bunny" will benefit the Shaohannah's Hope Foundation, both named after Chapman's first adopted daughter.

The previous overwhelming success of the Barnabas bear motivated Family Chrisitan Stores in creating an additional number of stuffed animals to sell 35,000 nationwide which supporters almost fully supported, now only a handful of stuffed animals left up to date.

With a joyous heart, Chapman eagerly supported the operation the whole way through. “I am so thankful that Family Christian Stores engages in caring for widows and orphans. It’s something God is inviting us to do together. Last year when Family approached me with the idea to tie Shaohannah’s Hope and The James Fund together, I was so encouraged and jumped at the chance.”

Dave Browne, CEO of Family Christian Stores, comments, “We at Family Christian Stores were thrilled to partner with Steven Curtis Chapman and Shaohannah’s Hope for these two wonderful foundations to work together during the 2003 holiday season and this Easter. I know that we will be able to share the spirit with so many orphans this year and that is so exciting.”