Different Kind of FREE

( [email protected] ) May 25, 2004 01:11 AM EDT

ZOEgirl’s third studio release, “Different Kind of FREE” contains the message of grace and presents a more matured band since their first album, LIFE. Although the transition in style from Christian dance/bubbly pop in LIFE to more rock in “Different Kind of FREE,” may have surprised some fans, the growing musicians are nonetheless revealing the freedom of Christ in the freedom of their music. With a touch of rocky edginess in “Different Kind of FREE,” a fresh group of fans can taste the love of God.

“Beautiful Name” and “You Get Me” kicks off the album with a rocky flavor and presents the God of understanding and unconditional love within. Then comes slower ballads such as “Unbroken” and “Love Me For Me” that speak of the amazing healing power of the un-judging love of God. Their title track, “Different Kind of Free” is creatively composed and sung, and it announces the true freedom that Christians experience in their new lives in Christ.

The heart of a Christian band is in the sincere and beautiful expressions of the love of God in the compositions, and ZOEgirl is definitely one who achieves the glory for God.

A fan from Michigan, USA shares, “Many people have favorites, but for me, this album is nothing but favorites! I can't choose a song that I appreciate more than the other! Alisa, Kristin, and Chrissy are certainly great songwriters, and they're GREAT as a group. With their latest release, "Different Kind of FREE", they've really taken it "up a notch" with their music. Compared to their debut release, their current sound is nothing but excellent!”