Former CCM Editor Matthew P. Turner Writing with Revelant Books

( [email protected] ) May 26, 2004 10:15 AM EDT

Matthew P. Turner Works with Revelant Books

Readers of ‘The Christian Culture Survival Guide: The Misadventures of an Outsider on the Inside’ have called the publication as humorous, candid and sincere in portraying the optimistic and real faith of the walk of believers. Written by former editor of CCM Magazine Matthew Paul Turner, who recently signed an agreement with Relevant Books, a division of Relevant Media Group, Inc., ‘Survival Guide’ is now outreaching to masses in mainstream bookstores as well as Christian ones since May 18.

“Matthew is gutsy, relevant, and we’re thrilled about this partnership” says President/CEO of Relevant Media Group, Cameron Strang. “His tongue-in-cheek writing style paired with a sincere compassion for the reader makes this an effective book.”

‘Survival Guide’ is a humorous account of anecdotes of Turner’s experiences growing up in Christian culture. He comments, “I can assure you that this book will be like nothing else in the marketplace. It’s a memoir of sorts about being raised in church culture. I write about everything from ‘Christian’ dating to wearing my WWJD bracelet to surviving three church splits… I’m sure some will find it controversial to talk so blatantly about my church life, but I believe many people––from various religious backgrounds––will relate.”

Turner is not exactly a debutant in the Christian entertainment industry, being former editor of Christian music’s leading publication, CCM Magazine, including concert booker for famous coffeehouse Jammin’ Java and music/entertainment editor for Now, he is a regularly featured contributor to Relevant Magazine, HomeLife Magazine as well as Christian Single and tours the country speaking to young people about their relevance in Christ and how media influences believers. Turner now is the founder of the company Dotted Line Media & Entertainment dedicated in finding creative and innovative ways to present the truth about Christ in culture.