Eddie Hedges of 'Blessid Union' Goes Solo

( [email protected] ) May 31, 2004 01:14 PM EDT

On June 4, the co-founding member Eddie Hedges of the multi-platinum pop act Blessid Union of Souls is debuting a solo project. Titled ¡°Something to Believe In," the work will be released under the partnership of Toucan Cove Entertainment

The solo album comes on the peak of Hedges career. As a singer, songwriter, musician and producer, Hedges was able to showcase his broad musical talents on Something to Believe In. The project features pop-influenced songs like "If You Believe," to the more R&B flavored "Head to the Sky," or the heartfelt ballad "Momma, I."

For the solo artist, composing was an opportunity to express his faith in creative ways. "As a preacher's kid, I was raised in church. I sang and played drums with my family at many of the worship services," Hedges said. But now, on a more personal note, he expressed that this project conveys his own journey of Faith and Spiritual walk over the past two years.

"The songs I wrote for the record were really just me sitting down, sharing the things that I was going through and about what was on my heart," Hedges said.