Schultz Works with U.S. Army in Accident Prevention Campaign

( [email protected] ) May 31, 2004 01:14 PM EDT

Word Records recording artist Mark Schultz launches a new program with the U.S. Army called ¡°Be Safe – Make it Home¡± for servicemen and women. Launching on June 7, the program educates soldiers of potential hazards from operating motor vehicles, also addressing the general public about the need to support servicemen to ¡®Be Safe.¡¯

The song from Mark¡¯s latest album ¡°Letters from War¡± theme and centerpiece of the awareness campaign. Mark will be working on projects including music videos, training videos and PSAs, all featuring the song that will prevent high rates of accidental fatalities.

¡°Letters From War¡± deals with a soldier returning home safely from war. While the song was inspired by the diaries his great grandmother kept when three of her sons fought in World War II, the song’s message is as relevant today as it would have been 60 years ago. “Letters From War?has touched the heart strings of the country and is currently No. 6 on the Christian Adult Contemporary chart.

Since the beginning of the year, the Army has experienced 168 accident- related fatalities, 39 percent of which occurred in privately owned vehicles. Combine that figure with the almost 26 percent who are killed in Army motor vehicles and Army combat vehicles, and vehicular accidents account for 65 percent of accident-related fatalities. The remaining 35 percent of fatalities consist of fire, personal injury and aviation accidents.

¡°I am very much honored to team with the U.S. Army in this campaign to save soldiers¡¯ lives,¡± said Schultz. ¡° I am thrilled to do anything I can to show my total support for our troops and to help keep them safe both abroad and at home.¡±