Starfield - Album Review

( [email protected] ) Jun 04, 2004 04:57 PM EDT

Starfield is a Canadian quartet whose U2-esque worship music plants it firmly in the mold of Delirious and other Euro rockers. After releasing two successful independent albums in the Great White North, the band has teamed with producer Matt Bronleewe (dc talk, Rebecca St. James) for its major-label debut. Like many young groups, Starfield occasionally seems more an amalgamation of its influences than a unit breaking artistic ground. But the album still offers a lot to enjoy.

Opening track and lead single “Filled With Your Glory�—which appeared previously on the band’s second indie release—is one of the best worship songs to come down the pike this year. Driven by echo-laden electric guitar (think of U2’s The Edge), it’s a simple but effective declaration of the glory of God: “Angels and men adore/Creation longs for what’s in store.�

That echoing electric guitar is one of Starfield’s defining features, as are the strong vocal harmonies from singer Tim Neufeld and brother Jon and the occasional burst of acoustic guitar, violin and orchestration. The pair also prove themselves to be strong songwriters with an ear for melody. Uptempo songs such as “Ordinary Life� chug along smartly with memorable choruses, and slower, acoustic ballads (“Over My Head,� “Alive In This Moment�) are more reflective yet highly singable worship songs.

At times, Starfield’s music sounds a bit too similar to something you think you’ve heard before, as in the collision of Jars of Clay, Delirious and Newsboys in “Revolution.� But what keeps this from becoming a problem is that Starfield is one of the most gorgeously produced Christian-industry albums to come along in a while. Every time you start to recognize some other artist in Starfield’s sound, the lushness of the sound itself makes you quickly forget.