Delirious Update

Jun 05, 2004 01:36 PM EDT

With hit singles from the new studio album, WORLD SERVICE, charting in America ("Rain Down") and Europe ("Inside Outside"), British rock worship band Delirious feels spiritually and creatively invigorated.

"There's a sense of new phase happening right now," says lead singer Martin Smith. "Recent gigs have felt like being at church without a preacher up front. We were cautious five years ago; perhaps we were worried about offending people. (Now) it's as if permission has been given for it all to happen again."

Delirious played a big part in bringing about the popularity of modern worship music. The band set a new standard with its 1997 gold-selling debut double album, CUTTING EDGE, developing a rock and worship sound that is recognizable in many of today's newest acts. Released earlier this year, WORLD SERVICE is the group's most acclaimed project yet, drawing excited comparisons to the debut set that included definitive songs like "I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever" and "Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble."

This summer, Delirious will perform at major Christian music festivals around the United States and has just announced a 14-city concert tour of the United Kingdom for October. A new single from WORLD SERVICE, "Majesty (Here I Am)," has also just been released to US radio stations.