Album - Joy William's "By Surprise"

Joy Williams
( [email protected] ) Jun 11, 2004 11:27 PM EDT

Joy William’s sophomore album, BY SURPRISE, reveals a deeper heart for the Lord and a fresh and unique style. From the more bubblegum pop sound in her first album to her very own creative sound in BY SURPRISE, one can see the maturity as a musician that takes her music up another level. Don’t be fooled by her young and light appearance; her vocals in this CD are as strong and sweet as ever, highlighting the essence of every song’s underlying message.

Williams takes advantage of more creative space in this album, belting out emotional ballads, and pulling off tunes that are semi-funky, upbeat, and mellow with much finesse. “New Day” kicks off the album on a very uplifting note with positive lyrics, "God will bring in a brand new day. Another chance, another choice, another possibility....." and the third track, “Every Moment,” allows William’s vocals to shine beautifully and powerfully as she sings of cherishing precious moments with loved ones.

The title track “By Surprise,” co-written by Joy and Jesse Butterworth from the band Daily Planet, is upbeat and stands uniquely placed. “Wish” speaks of the earnest wish to see Jesus face to face and walk by side by side with Him as expressed in the lyrics, "Someday I'm gonna be there. I'll see your face, your mercy, your grace. Someday..." Ending with a beautiful and gentle melody, “Love of the Lord Endures,” we are left with the one and only Truth we’ll ever know.

Joy Williams is talented, full of life, sincere, and on fire for God. Purchasing this album will surely take this amazing fire into our lives.

1. New Day

2. I Wonder

3. Every Moment – Carl Marsh

4. By Surprise – Joy Williams

5. Surrender

6. Desperate – Carl Marsh

7. Every Day – Joy Williams

8. Wish

9. Beautiful Somehow

10. Love of the Lord Endures – Joy Williams