Chris Tomlin's 'Arriving' Album Stirs Excitement

( [email protected] ) Jun 19, 2004 06:16 PM EDT

The arrival of Chris Tomlin's new worship album is stirring up hype internationally. Even in Taiwan's Taipei's Times on the front cover is the feature of Tomlin's performance during Gospel's Music Week.

One of the premier worship songwriters of today, sixstepsrecords’ Chris Tomlin, known for such worldwide sung anthems as “Forever,” “Be Glorified,” “We Fall Down,” “Famous One” and more, is preparing for the Sept. 21 release of his highly anticipated and third national album, Arriving.

With an eschatological outlook, the recording follows the current best-selling, critically acclaimed recording, Not To Us.

Chris Tomlin is joined onstage by Steven Curtis Chapman during Gospel Music Week in Nashville at the Gaylord Entertainment Center. The duo played some of Tomlin’s hit songs, as well as debuted “Unfailing Love,” a compelling new song slated to be a Tomlin/Chapman duo on Arriving. While onstage, Tomlin and Chapman also announced that they, along with Casting Crowns, will embark on a major national tour together beginning this fall.