Sanctus Real's "Tide" Waves New Success

( [email protected] ) Jun 29, 2004 02:35 PM EDT

Sanctus Real’s Tide album pulls in with a greater momentum than its previous album and hits 38 on the Billboard Heartseeker's Chart. The album is expected to draw in greater sales than any other album produced by Sparrow Records. This also marked the first time for the band to land on the mainstream chart.

Their new album features the multi-format, Christian hit single, “Everything About You,” which claims the No.4 spot on the Top 5 List this week on the R&R Chart, and No. 22 on the CHR chart. Additionally, the song lands at No. 6 at the Christian Radio and Retail Weekly (CRW) Rock chart and No. 20 on the PDAdvisor CHR chart.

The band has already reached a formidable reputation, claiming the titles of “2003 Best New Artist” on Christianity Today, and “Best New Artist” on CCM Magazine.

CCM Magazine writes: “Sanctus Real might not be waiting long before one of its own tunes cracks the coveted top spot…In fact, the disc’s lead single, 'Everything About You,' radiates an energetic spark that could very well make the song a No. 1 lock.”

Being one of the bands to join the philanthropic, artist-partnered movement, In The Name Of Love: Artists United For Africa, the band continuously receives critical acclaim for their projects.

According a review on, “…'Fight The Tide' is an exciting journey for Sanctus Real enthusiasts. As soon as the album kicks off you can tell the band has matured both musically and lyrically, bringing forth an enjoyable endeavor…Sanctus Real has successfully avoided the infamous sophomore slump and shown yet another example as to why they will be in this industry for quite some time to come…Fans of Sanctus Real will eat it up, and so will most rock fans.”

Expanding their success, Sanctus Real rounded up its touring schedule after their sell-out release party last week at their hometown in Toledo. With concluding appearances already made at the massive festival “Creation East” in Pennsylvannia on June 26 and at “King’s Dominion” in Virginia on the 27th, Sanctus Real plans to tour at other concerts festivals, including Son Fest (Charlotte, NC, 7/9), Sonshine (Willmar, MN, 7/16), Spirit West Coast (Monterey, CA 7/23), Creation West (Gorge, WA 7/24), and a joint-tour with Jeremy Camp in the fall.