AA Embarks on Hands and Feet Project

( [email protected] ) Jul 12, 2004 03:06 PM EDT

Last week, July 5, Hands & Feet, a non-profit organization, embarked on a mission to protect the health, welfare, and education of the orphaned children of Haiti. The mission is progressing with the aid of CCM band Audio Adrenaline.

On site administration of Hands & Feet will be under the leadership of Mr. & Mrs. Drex Stuart, parents of co-founder Mark Stuart, and lifetime missionaries who have previously served in Haiti.

Based on the teachings of James 1:27, and the heart of the whole of scripture, Hands & Feet is dedicated to the construction and operation of a children's village to provide for these needs.

This mission will be accomplished through the building and operation of family cottages, clustered on the campus of the Hands & Feet community. Each cottage will house six to eight orphans and will have a Haitian couple serving as foster parents. The outworking of these family units will be to provide for the family nurturing of a loving home, a viable Christian witness, attention to the medical needs of the children, and the proper education of each child.

"Basically, we're going to be starting an orphanage," states lead singer Mark Stuart, "to house about 100 kids. Instead of calling it an orphanage or setting it up like an institution, we're beginning to see the vision of starting little homes with Haitian parents. We want these kids to be adopted by church families. We want to give the orphans we find a loving Christian family, a chance to grow up in a Christian school and go to Church."