Palisade's Long-Awaited Album Pending, Promotional Tour Underway

( [email protected] ) Jul 12, 2004 08:18 PM EDT

Palisade singer, Jeremy Noel, is returning to his hometown in Avon in order to debut Palisade’s first project due July 20. On Saturday, July 10, the group left for Avon, which will be one of their stops of Palisade’s 17-day promotional tour through six states.

The 24 year-old had lived in Nashville ever since the group gathered together to pursue their career as a recording band. The crucial point when Noel’s passion for starting the band was ignited when he met Brandon Peffer at Kentucky Christian College. Their common dreams and goals of moving into the Christian music industry motivated them to practice singing, write songs during their free time and try to find a third member to complete their group.

It was when Ashley Jett from South Carolina--who came into contact with the group through an internet ad--sent them a demo tape that the trio formed.

"Everything just fit when we found her," Noel said.

After the members graduated, they formed together at their Nashville base to seek recording opportunities in September 2002. At that time, according to Noel, landing a record deal was still out of their dreams. Time after time, performing in front of churches and coffeehouses, they finally met Susan Riley, the owner and president of Fervent Records. At an invitation for dinner proposed by Susan, the group signed a record deal, finalized the deal in January and spent three weeks in February recording the debut album's 11 songs.