Many Testify TBN's Specialization in Family Entertainment

( [email protected] ) Jul 14, 2004 09:09 PM EDT

Considering spirituality as a vital component of life, Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) continues to successfully tally an expanding list of landmark TV programming plus feature films suitable for the entire family.

Starting with the trend stemming from The Passion of the Christ, interest on religious films are still reverberating throughout audiences across the nation. Unsurprisingly, viewers increasingly tune into TBN programs, which gained favor among new viewers as the family-friendly network.

One popular program is This Generation, a high-energy series packed with the latest Christian music videos. It's shot on location at X-games, super cross motorcycle racing, skydiving events plus more. The Host of the show, Curtis Eastman, won several coveted 1st place awards in Christian broadcasting.

"TBN is home to tens of millions of American seeking a quality television experience," announced Bob Higley, Vice President of Cable and Satellite Relations. "TBN seeks to do more than merely entertain. TBN's goal is to inspire people, engage their minds and encourage their spirit through contemporary, positive programming that speaks to the heart.

TBN's hit Reality-TV show, "Travel the Road," is one such offering. It chronicles the adventures of two idealistic, young missionaries trekking to dangerous and remote hideaways all over the world. The show spans 18 months, covers 25 countries, and stretches across 40,000 miles. "Travel the Road" explodes with daring exploits, on-the-edge surprises and incredible discoveries. Tim and Will undertake unbelievable expeditions, plunging into the far out and treacherous corners of the globe.

"TBN is taking its success formal and creating other networks such as its new youth network JCTV," explained Paul Crouch Jr., Vice President of Administration. "JCTV offers stylish, faith-based, state-of-the-art programs with dynamic music videos for those 13 to 29. The network features trendy programs that include reality shows, music videos, and game shows. Also, there are relevant talk shows, movies, comedy and competitive sports that speak to America's youth in a language they grab hold of."

"There is a mass audience out there that readily aligns itself with family-friendly programming," Crouch stated. "They applaud it. They return to it. They tell their friends about it. Indeed, they ask for more."