iPod introduces Christian Music Content in Cyber Market

( [email protected] ) Jul 15, 2004 05:01 PM EDT

Cupertino-based Apple's iTunes has sold over 100 million songs, hitting its annual goal and marking its name as the leading legal music download site, according to the maker of the iPod and Macintosh.

Tracks cost 99 cents each and can be played on Apple's popular iPod and iPod mini digital music players as well as on either a Macintosh or Windows personal computer. Apple, which reports third-quarter financial results on Wednesday, has already sold more than 3 million iPods.

Through the extensive marketing reach of iPod, sales rates have reported a growing popularity among Christian contemporary tracks. The iTunes service is currently outpacing its online rivals, including Napster and Wal-Mart.

iTunes is also currently featuring exclusive Christian music content, marketing three of Jeremy Camp songs called the Carried Me Sessions EP. Originally recorded for Camp's Carried Me project, they are available for listeners to download for a minimal price of $2.49 per track.

"iTunes quickly outpaced the competition and is far and away the world's number one online music service," Jobs said in a statement.