Delirious Songs Gain Popularity at German Music Festival

( [email protected] ) Jul 20, 2004 09:03 PM EDT

UK-based EMI CMG Rock band, Delirious, was the headline performer at SWR3's "Arena of Sound 2004" music festival, in which more than 80,000 fans gathered and filled the Schlossplatz in Stuttgard, Germany.

Songs from Delirious's current internationally acclaimed album World Service, has claimed the hearts of young German fans who have chosen the songs as their favorite radio picks. Ever since the month of February, the band's single "Inside Outside," has received over 10,000 replay requested by German fans and hit No. 1 on Germany's SWR3's radio singles charts.

Delirious is thinking of releasing its second World Service single in Germany, "Every Little Thing." After hearing the single at the Arena of Sound event, many fans have been eagerly waiting to hear more of the band's performances in the future.

In the States, the band's new single from World Service, "Majesty (Here I Am)," has been rated as the No. 1 Christian Adult Contemporary New and Active single by Radio & Records, while PDAdviser named the single on the top of its AC Advancers chart. R & R also ranked Delirious's multi-format hit "Rain Down" as No. 1 on the CHR Most Played Recurrents chart.