Michael W. Smith and Max Lucado to Host 'Come Together and Worship' Event

( [email protected] ) Jul 20, 2004 09:16 PM EDT

Best-selling Christian author Max Lucado and multi-awarded platinum artist Michael W. Smith are joining together to organize a series of events called, "Come Thirsty: A Day of Refreshment and Worship." The events are slated for three cities beginning in the fall and geared towards sparking inspiration through concert music, guest speakers and teaching seminars.

"We're inviting people to give their Lord a Saturday," noted Lucado. "Michael will lead worship. I'll bring encouragement from the Word. Together, we implore people to come thirsty and drink deeply. We want them to experience the presence of God and the joy of Christian community."

"This is going to be one big church service, and I'm excited about that," Smith said. "As I've said many times before, this 'leading God's people in worship' is what I enjoy more than anything else, and it's an honor to work again with Max Lucado."

The event was inspired through Smith and Lucado's experience with the previous "Come Together and Worship" tour with Third Day.

According to Smith and Lucado, the event was organized for the purpose of successful evangelism that extends beyond the limited time Christian concerts and church hours offer.

"Church services end too quickly and Christian concerts have to respect the clock and close the doors," Lucado explained. "Michael and I see the power of an extended time of teaching and exaltation."

That's when they crafted "Come Thirsty." It will be opportunity for attendees to be fed more richly. Smith will lead the music portion of the program, while Lucado will offer nourishment through scripture and teaching.

Tentative Come Thirsty event schedule is as follows:

Sept. 11 Wichita, Kan Wichita Central Christian Church

Nov. 8 TBA

Nov. 20 Oklahoma City, Okla Crossings Community Church