Mountain High... Valley Low

Yolanda Adams
( [email protected] ) Jul 26, 2004 09:00 PM EDT

As one of Yolanda Adam’s fan expresses, “Yolanda ministers to the soul”; truly, this amazing artist is full of soul and spirit to move the coldest hearts. Timeless and powerful, the music of the heart revives contemporary Christian music, allowing Christians and non-Christians alike to experience the amazing world of the Gospel. This recognized musician has touched the heart of many through her incomparable and passionate vocal gifts. Mountain High... Valley Low contains a creative blend of hip-hop, traditional gospel, jazz, and R&B. “In the Midst of it All” leaves the listener full of passion and conviction in Jesus Christ, while the sweet ballad “Fragile Heart” leaves us remembering the shoulder of the Lord we can lean on when loved ones are lost. This entire album is one of energy, fire, and the power of the Holy Spirit.

1. Time to Change

2. Yeah

3. Fragile Heart

4. That name

5. In the Midst of It All

6. Things We Do

7. Open My Heart

8. Wherever You Are

9. He’ll Arrive (Coming Back)

10. Continual Praise

11. Already Alright

12. [CD-Rom Track]