Jason Morant
( [email protected] ) Jul 30, 2004 08:53 PM EDT

Abandon is clearly centered on Christ and carries a soothing, mellow, yet edgy sound, which will not fail to impress the soul that wishes to dwell in sweet words of praise for the Lord. Morant¡¯s unique blend of styles was inspired by influential artists such as U2, Keith Green, and David Ruis. Not only is everything beautifully packaged musically, the lyrics reveal the deep heart within Morant that desires to worship God absolutely. ¡°Great is the Lord¡± and ¡°Inside of Me¡± are very enjoyable tracks that calms the restless spirit, reminding us that the God of peace and love is right by our side. ¡°Bless the Lord¡± is the song of awe, fear, wonder, and respect expressed towards God. The rendition of ¡°I Love You Lord¡± begins with the very pure sound of the piano and Morant hauntingly delivers the simple message of love in his unique way. Abandon is not the rock album that contains exciting transitions or combinations, but there is something about this album of praise that is perfect for times of reflection in the room, in the car, or even during a morning walk by the park.

Publisher: Vertical Music

Pub. Date: March 2004

Type: Compact Disc

ISBN: 1415890056

Regular: $16.98

1. You Give Me Life

2. Great Is the Lord

3. Inside of Me

4. I Am Yours

5. Love Song

6. Bless the Lord

7. I Love You Lord

8. Fashion

9. Abandon

10. Sing Over Me

11. There is No One

12. I Delight