Album Review: Hit Parade

Audio Adrenaline
( [email protected] ) Aug 03, 2004 12:16 PM EDT

Staying true to the Director of their lives, Audio Adrenaline shouts the Truth with great and bold bursts of energy through their hard rock hits and mellow jams in Hit Parade. For so long, they were overshadowed behind fellow Christian rock bands, but the history of this band has truly developed as their true testimonies of faith were revealed within their succession of albums. Balanced in quality, both musically and lyrically, the AA Christian rockers have paved a way for many rock fans to meet the Lord. From catchy tunes with powerful and heavy rockin’ to more melodious harmonies, this band deserves a special place in one’s Christian rock collection. Radio-friendly tracks such as the fun “Get Down,” and upbeat “Hands and Feet” is bound to keep you on your feet. “Will Not Fade” and “Some Kind of Zombie” will take you on a hard rockin’ adventure, while “One Like You” will slow down for a more gentle stride. Whether you’re in a good mood, bad mood, feeling filled or empty, there is something in this album for everyone who enjoys something more energetic and exciting.

Matthew Edmundson from Minnesota shares, “The only thing I don't like about this CD is the limited number of tracks...there are so many more ‘greatest hits’ they can put on! With this band you won't get stars, showbiz, in-it-for-the-money feeling from their'll get what God is doing in their lives. How can music get any better than that?

1. Will Not Fade

2. I’m Not the King

3. Mighty Good Leader

4. Some Kind of Zombie

5. Get Down

6. Walk on Water

7. Big House

8. We’re a Band

9. Blitz

10. Hands and Feet

11. Man of God

12. Chevette

13. Underdog

14. Never Gonna Be as Big as Jesus

15. DC-10

16. One Like You

17. Rest Easy