'Something Like Silas' band Worships At Home Churches Despite Media Recognition

( [email protected] ) Aug 04, 2004 11:17 PM EDT

San Diego-based band, Something Like Silas, made its name known throughout the CCM world with its debut, DIVINE INVITATION. Although the awareness and attention is scattered throughout the Christian music industry and media opportunities arise, lead singer Eric Owyoung still says to "Stay and worship at home.¡¨

Owyoung and band members are one of the core committed people at their home church, known as ¡¥The Flood,¡¦ where they lead worships every weekend. Other acclaimed artists such as David Crowder Band say it¡¦s essential to still keep in touch with home churches and continue their service.

"Before we signed the contract, Sparrow told us they wanted us to stay committed at Flood, because what we're doing is relevant, and it shapes what we do and write about," Owyoung says. "When I'm working and serving at a church with real problems and real people, then the songs and my ministry are shaped by those people."