Album Review : Rachel Lampa

( [email protected] ) Aug 07, 2004 07:10 PM EDT

Comparing the album artwork of Rachel Lampa, with a reflective Rachel seated against a pale beige background, to the brightly colored, full of smiles, pop artist images on her first three albums, is already revealing of the new image and sound that self-titled work offers of the artist. Working with Grammy award winning producer Tommy Sims (Amy Grant, CeCe Winans), the album reveals Lampa experimenting with a Kaleidoscope of new sounds; "Musically, I've definitely grown so much," says Lampa, "and wanted to experiment with rock, funk, and everything in between."

The album marks a first for Rachel in many ways, not the least of which is her contribution to the writing process on all eleven tracks. Most notable is the track The Art, penned completely by Rachel herself. The lyrics, which say, "but life is just the art of living on," exemplify the heart of Lampa behind the entire work, which was one of keeping faith amidst hardship in her walk with God. Having just graduated high school, Lampa has become witness to the adversities of late teenage life. "Issues like suicide and divorce have become so much more real to me lately," says Lampa, "I've seen it with so many people around me and it's really hit my heart."

Although a novelty amongst her previous works, Rachel Lampa will be sure not to disappoint previous fans. The aptly self-titled work reveals Lampa maturing in her life and faith and searching for her own sound to express what she has experienced. "I feel that it is my call to share what I have learned and experienced and how God has revealed himself in all of it." With the success of the album imminent, Rachel Lampa seems to be a big introduction into Lampa¡¦s new musical identity, with the personal growth of the artist to be the only deciding factor of what music will be produced. "I want people to see that this is just a snapshot of my life and I just happened to be making a record at this time."