Shaun Groves Accepts Pastor Position

( [email protected] ) Aug 19, 2004 11:12 AM EDT

Singer/Songwriter Shaun Groves has accepted a part-time position as co-Minister (along with brother-in-law Brian Seay) of a young adults group called IKON. The group targets college level students who Groves says are a “forgotten generation:”

“Young adults between the ages of 18-25 are the stepchildren of the family of God it seems. Youth ministries are pumped up with large budgets, volunteers and general enthusiasm. But once a young person graduates from high school, he/she steps into an abyss, relegated to ‘singles’ status. It's not until they wear a wedding ring that they recapture the attention of ministers and once again benefit from church programs and resources… We hope to provide a forgotten generation with a biblically-based bridge from childhood to adulthood, from their generation to others', from their community to the larger Church, and from that Church to the world in need of Christ.”

Rick White, senior teaching pastor at The People’s Church in Franklin, expresses his delight in Groves’ decision to fill the position: “Shaun has been an integral part of our ministry team for a long time. Of course, everyone knows how great a songwriter he is, and we have certainly benefited from his gifts when he participates in our weekend services as an artist. When we lost our college ministry director, we knew we would have big shoes to fill. Shaun’s name surfaced immediately as someone we knew who could step up to the challenge of leading, teaching and worshiping on a weekly basis with a group of young seekers of Christ. His vision for this ministry is already taking it to new heights, and we look forward to many seasons of having Shaun as a major part of our ministry.”

Grove’s record company, Rocketown Records, is also pleased with Shaun’s decision to minister; as expressed by President Don Donahue, “Shaun is leaning into one of his natural gifts, teaching, in his home church. I see this only as a wonderful advantage to who he is as an artist. The fruit of his work will be visible in all areas of his life, and I look forward to hearing the musical fruit that comes from this season as a teaching pastor.”

Grove’s, who says he, “started out as a teacher,” has big hopes for this years IKON:

“We’re in hopes of discovering how God intended his people to live together and in the world. We've already made changes by creating a community where service is expected, sharing is essential and prayer is powerful. It is a community with responsibilities to one another and the world. It's a place where questions are welcomed and answers, it's admitted, aren’t always easy to find.”

“IKON is a chance to put into practice so much of what I've written and talked about for the last few years. The world doesn’t need more singers; it needs more servants. God's given me the chance to live out my music by working to make Him visible through IKON. One day no one will sing my songs or sell my music, but I believe I'll still be teaching. It's my first love. It's why I write songs the way I do. I'm a teacher with a guitar and a piano.”