Shoutfest 2004 To Be Covered On Tour TV

( [email protected] ) Aug 31, 2004 01:35 PM EDT

This year’s Shoutfest will be the first festival/concert series to be featured on the new I-Life Television reality show Tour TV. Like other reality programs, Tour TV will offer an inside look at the production behind Shoutfest, as well as the lives of the artists and fans involved. Host Sally Colòn comments on the show:

"Tour TV will capture behind the scenes moments, including crew set up, the artists in their buses and when they wake, sleep, and eat, as well as what they do before they go on the stage, time spent with their fans, etc. It is an honor to have Shoutfest04 kick off this television series."

Tour TV featuring Shoutfest 2004 will air this fall on I-Life TV at 8:30 PM PST on Saturdays and 5:30 PM PST on Tuesday afternoons on affiliate stations.

Shoutfest 2004 will feature several of today’s top CCM artists, including Tait, Jump5, ZOEgirl, KJ-52, and Rachel Lampa, as well as a number of extreme games, such as a Gladiator Joust and The Quad Powered Bungee Jump, which launches people into the air at a height of over two stories.

The event will also includ a local battle of the bands contest, in which 3 finalists from each venue will open for Shoutfest, with one receiving a production deal with SHELTERecords. Gary Chapman, CEO of SHELTERecords, comments: "I can foresee there being many great bands that will emerge from this contest. I am excited to have SHELTERecords be a part of this and look forward to finding the best band to include in the company's musical venture!"

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