Critical Acclaim For TobyMac’s Gone

( [email protected] ) Sep 01, 2004 04:49 PM EDT

Hip-Hop innovator TobyMac’s first single, Gone, from his eagerly anticipated Welcome To Diverse City, has received massive airplay on multiple radio formats. The most added single on the R&R and CRW charts, the song has moved up 10 slots to #20 and #15, respectively, and debuted at #29 on the R&R Christian Rock chart. Here are some comments about Gone and Welcome To Diverse City:

"This has to be the greatest release of 2004!!! I have been waiting to ADD a song like this all year! Toby Mac struck gold with his first release GONE!! I can't imagine it ever been "Gone" from my playlist. " --Chris Chicago - Albuquerque/KLYT-M88

"Toby has done it again. A true to form piece of art that kicks. With the new grooves encompassing possibly every type of music throughout this project, T-Mac has done what many other artists only wish they could do musicially. He reaches deep into the culture and offers up a personal message to the individual listener, no matter their cultural standing or background. If there was supposed to be a follow-up to the dcTalk project 'Supernatural,' this would be it." Rick Welke, R&R Christian Editor

"Gone is the song with production and songwriting quality that makes it as good or better than what you hear on the stations across the street...the lyrics make it the song that your station owns in the listener's mind." -- Dave St. John - KZZQ, DesMoines

"As its title suggests, Welcome To Diverse City offers something for everyone, blending genres, hooks, styles and special guest vocals into an eclectic musical mixture. It's an explosive, infectious house party vibe that displays the talents of TobyMac at the top of his game!" --DeWayne Hamby Christian Retailing Music Editor

"If you let this one pass you by you'll regret it! TobyMac's "Gone" is a must add! And....on a side note, 'we live in a culture that often says respect isn't important in relationships....thank you TobyMac for reminding us that it should be given and expected!" Shannon Steele - KDUVfm, Visalia, CA

“tobyMac’s Welcome To Diverse City could be the proverbial nail in the coffin for dc talk. As groundbreaking and lyrically challenging as much of his trio’s work was, this new solo effort raises the bar on Toby’s legacy. Bold, artistic, relational and above all, redemptive, Diverse City is the compass for Toby’s—and hopefully much of Christian music’s—future. “--Jay Swartzendruber, CCM Magazine

"K-Life listeners have survived the drought between Momentum and Diverse City--the ship floats steadier now that 'Gone' is taking up residence on the playlist! Props to Toby! He's swimming upstream on this topic!" --Noonie Fugler, K-LIFE 89.3 FM in San Luis Obispo

"I have always looked forward to new music from Toby and "Gone" did not disappoint. As soon as it came in the mail I put it in the cd player and decided after listening that I was going to add it as soon as I could." --Danielle Hedges, WYLV, Love 89 Knoxville