4.1 Million In First Day Sales For The Passion

( [email protected] ) Sep 02, 2004 09:27 PM EDT

Mel Gibson’s blockbuster, The Passion Of The Christ, sold 4.1 million copies on Tuesday, its initial day of DVD release, making it the best selling R-rated and non-English language movie of all time.

While falling short of the record set by Spider Man (7 million) for live-action, and Finding Nemo (8 million, 22 million to date) overall, the film has potential to sell in the upper ranges because of its appeal to religious groups, says Scott Hettrick, editor-in-chief of DVD Exclusive.

“You're going to see a lot of people who feel compelled to buy it at some point, especially as we get to the holidays, to the gift-giving season,” Hettrick said. “I'm sure this will be one of the perennials.”

The film, which depicts the last twelve hours of the life of Jesus Christ, was directed and produced by Gibson on his own Icon Productions label and is the third largest grossing film of the year behind Spider Man 2 and Shrek 2.