MICI Adds Composer Randall Bayne To Board Of Advisors

( [email protected] ) Sep 08, 2004 04:50 PM EDT

Media International Concepts, Inc. (MICI, Pink Sheets: MEIC) announced yesterday the addition of Dr. Randall Bayne to their Board of Advisors, which already includes Nyhl Henson, Phil Cohen and Michael Schreter.

Bayne is expected to provide advice and guidance in the area of Christian marketing and music. His expertise is in the area of denominational cross-referencing, and he has consulted for the release of new products in the interdenominational Christian market, the merging of worship trends in non-denominational churches, and generic family-oriented Christian based television and Internet programming. He has also served as a consultant for several conservative presidential candidates in the area of cross-denominational based


Bayne is also an ordained minister in the Baptist, Presbyterian, and Lutheran denominations and has served churches in his home state of South Carolina, as well as North Carolina, Texas, and Tennessee. He also holds a Doctorate of Divinity from Cathedral University, a Master’s in Church Music from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Master’s in Music Education from both the University of South Carolina and the University of Georgia, and a Bachelor of Arts from Lander University.

Bayne is most well known as nationally noted conductor, producer, and composer. Under his direction the nationally noted contemporary vocal ensemble “Adoration” performed at the White House, the United Nations and Carnegie Hall, and released a series of award winning recordings. He has produced several-noted Christian artists as well as live Christian family-oriented theater featuring the Gatlin Brothers. The United States Armed Forces Band’s and Chorus, as well as the National Symphony have performed his Christian and patriotic compositions. His composition, “United Through It All” reflective of the events of 9/11, was selected by President, George W. Bush to be performed before his speech at the Pentagon on international television on 9-11-2002.

"Dr. Bayne is a fine addition to our board of advisors. We are extremely fortunate to have a man of his character join our company," stated Michael Marcovsky, CEO of Media International Concepts, Inc.

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