DVD Completes Redman’s Facedown Project

( [email protected] ) Sep 13, 2004 05:39 PM EDT

Internationally renowned worship leader Matt Redman released on Friday Facedown, the DVD, to complete his project of the same name, which includes a new CD and book. The title refers to what Redman calls “facedown” worship, or, “the ultimate physical posture of reverence.”

“So much of worship that goes on in scripture is facedown,” says Redman. “And when you find a facedown worshiper in scripture, those people have seen the glory of God. When we face up to the glory of God, we find ourselves facedown in worship. For me it’s like the ultimate physical posture of reverence, a response to the wonders, mystery and greatness of God.”

The Facedown DVD captures four hours worth of highlights from a three-day conference held in Atlanta, GA called Facedown: A Gathering for Songwriters, where Redman, along with special guests Chris Tomlin, Watermark and John Ellis of Tree63, shared his revelation with over 350 attendants. The gathering is also the setting for the Facedown CD, which is Redman’s first live recording as well as his first album released on Louie Giglio’s sixstepsrecords label.

In addition to the concert footage, the DVD features three complete talks from Passion founder Louie Giglio titled Every Glimpse Is Grace , The Otherness of God and Lost in Wonder.

Also featured are two full teaching presentations: Worship Conversations by Matt Redman, Louie Giglio, Graham Kendrick, Darlene Zschech and Mike Pilavachi and Notes On Songwriting by Matt Redman, Mike Pilavachi, Tim Hughes, Beth Redman and Graham Kendrick. The DVD further includes complete chord charts and lyrics.

For more information about the Facedown DVD, CD and book, visit http://artists.sparrowrecords.com/mattredman/2004ecard/.