A.G. Media Allies With GTM Media Group, Inc.

( [email protected] ) Sep 15, 2004 08:37 PM EDT

A.G. Media Group, Inc. today announced a strategic alliance deal with GTM Media Group expected to increase the Company’s audience reach and penetration.

Under the agreement, GTM, owners of Gospel Truth Magazine, will provide A.G. Media with premiere placement and preferred partner status in all of its media activities, giving A.G. Media marketing access to its circulation of over 200,000 readers and its key distribution and point-of-sale partners. Additional key terms of the agreement provide for proprietary editorial content exchange between A.G. Media’s GospelCity.com web property and the Gospel Truth magazine publication as well as fee-based new media promotional services supplied by A.G. Media for the several hundred independent recording artists and acts from GTM’s World Wide Records recording label.

"A.G. Media's professional and creative approach makes them the perfect partner to collaborate with in marketing and promotion in the Christian industry, stated Kerry Douglas, CEO of GTM Media Group. He added, "We look forward to devising and pursuing new revenue opportunities together".

"GTM has proven its dedication to the Christian industry and has established a loyal and continually growing consumer base", stated Pierre Redding, A.G. Media Group's President. "We are glad they have identified A.G. Media as a valuable partner", he added.

Redding commented earlier this week on the explosive growth opportunity within the Christian music and entertainment industry.

"There is a cultural convergence occurring, giving birth to and uniting a new generation of Christian audiences. This is not your parent's music. It's a new mix of Christian pop rock, urban gospel, even rap intermingling and creating a whole new genre of music and entertainment. It's multi-cultural, multi-dimensional, age defiant... in a word, multi-marketable. Lines between secular and sacred are blurring and the Christian entertainment marketplace is increasing at a rapid rate, offering relevant content, mass appeal and limitless marketing possibilities.”

A.G. and GTM are planning a number of joint marketing initiatives in 2005, including a program to demonstrate to corporate marketers and advertisers the benefits and value of marketing to the Christian demographic. The companies are also planning to introduce innovative marketing programs to corporate marketers seeking to reach this demographic.