TBN Founder Receives Support From Christian Leaders Regarding Recent Accusations

( [email protected] ) Sep 20, 2004 12:35 PM EDT

As a show of support for TBN President and founder Paul Crouch regarding his recent accusations of sexual harrassment, Christian leaders from around the world have sent e-mails, faxes and called in prayers and words of encouragement. The support comes after TBN’s issuance of a public statement in which they requested that, “all of TBN's partners and supporters pray for Paul and Jan as they weather yet another attack on their ministry and personal lives.” Supporters have included: Publisher Stephen Strang; Pastor Benny Hinn; Daystar Television Network president Marcus Lamb; as well as author Josh McDowell; Doug Wead, an advisor to President Bush Sr.; and singers Pat Boone and Carmen, among others.

“This heartfelt outpouring of support has been nonstop from both ministry leaders and the public at large,” announced Susan Zahn of WDC Media, TBN’s publicist.

Dr. Crouch was recently involved in litigation with former TBN employee Enoch Lonnie Ford regarding the publication of Ford’s auto-biography, which contains an explicit recording of the alleged “sexual encounter” he had with the Televangelist in 1996. Ford, who, in 1998, received a $425,000 settlement from Crouch not to discuss his claim about the incident, was given a restraining order not to publish his manuscript, the rights of which he offered to Crouch for the price of $10 million. (see related article)

Paul Crouch Jr., Dr. Crouch’s eldest son, said this of the allegations against and the recent support for his father: "People see this for what it is, a malicious, false claim designed to harm Dr. Crouch and TBN with the intent to extract money. But the prayers of the TBN family are being answered.”