A.G. Media Group Receives Gold Award for GospelCity.com Web Property

Popular Gospel music and entertainment site continues to expand its leading positioning
( [email protected] ) Nov 02, 2004 11:03 AM EST

A.G. Media Group, Inc. (NQB Pink Sheets: AMGJ.PK - News) has announced exciting new developments at their GospelCity.com (www.gospelcity.com) web property, including a fresh look, a prestigious award and exploding traffic at the popular site.

A.G. Media Group, which has signed an agreement with McCain & Co. Public Relations, recently rolled out a soft launch of the redesigned GospelCity.com. Changes include a new CCM music section to appeal to the broader Christian music market, an expanded new gospel music section, and audio interviews with popular gospel artists. Since the re-launch, word-of-mouth by consumers alone has prompted an approximate 50% increase in visitor traffic volume to the site. The website, which currently generates over ten million hits per month, was acquired by A.G. Media Group in late 2003.

In the wake of this successful re-launch, the World Wide Web Awards has presented A.G. Media Group and GospelCity.com with their Gold Award. The World Wide Web Awards, an organization that formally recognizes excellence in online destinations and tools, including commercial, corporate and informative web sites, praised the design and usefulness of the site, as well as the overall message that GospelCity.com presents.

"Through the common language of all people--those of 'faith' and 'music'--GospelCity acts not only as a centralized outlet for a variety of news, products and services, but also as a perfect example of the fact that that although technology has empowered many in the world to connect, share, buy and sell, or just discuss issues, nothing is more powerful than faith. This site brings that message rushing back home to all of us," comments Donna Snyder, CEO of the World Wide Web Awards and the American Association of Webmasters.

A.G. Media COO and GospelCity.com web site producer Richard Picart, also honored by the award, comments, "Our goal was to create an online space where the world-Christians and non-Christians-can be informed, engaged and inspired. This honor reflects our desire to reach everyone with awesome music, literature and relevant Gospel news."

Since its September re-launch, the new GospelCity web property is making an impact and currently resides in the Top 20 of the 1700 web properties ranked by ChristianTop1000.com, an online resource tracking and referring Christian web properties. Data provided by Alexa Internet, well known for independent certification of web site traffic information, also shows a rapidly growing audience reach and popularity for the GospelCity web property.

"We believe the increasing traffic GospelCity is experiencing demonstrates the sizeable audience demand for Christian content and further substantiates A.G. Media's unique positioning as a leading provider of this content." stated Pierre Redding, President of A.G. Media.