Sale Work around Christmas Time

Media Evangelism Fellowship Holds Christmas Music Sales Event
( [email protected] ) Dec 12, 2004 02:52 AM EST

The Media Evangelism Fellowship will be conducting Christmas sales on the behalf of Creation TV. Christian shoppers will find an amazing selection of Christmas gifts readily available for sale. Items on sale will include “A Set of Angels BB Christmas gifts” and VCDs.

The Angels BB Christmas gifts will consist of Christmas cards, calendars, candles, and a free VCD. Buyers can choose from a wide variety of VCDs including A Happy Expression, Gift of Love, and Amazing Love. The Amazing Love VCD will contain many essential messages. Other amazing selections include the four-part Amazing Love of Jesus VCD. In addition, the buyer has an option of choosing gospel VCDs instead. Many VCDs will contain bonus features. For example, the Jesus, who are you VCD will include a section named An Amazing Virgin Will Give Birth.

Suggestions for great selections include the Story of Living-Angels VCD, which is good for young people facing life’s difficulties. The Happy Expressions VCD will contain a section called A Big Change of Life that consists of a set of testimonies. It is a good gift for friends or visitors who are seeking the gospel. A sermon VCD called Gift Box of Love by Yuming Huang will be available for sale on December 29. All of the listed VCD are currently the more popular programs produced by The Media Evangelism Fellowship.

The Media Evangelism Fellowship will start accepting orders for these great Christmas and New Year’s gifts. If interested, you can print out the order form from the website at By purchasing these gifts, you have a good chance of bringing the

love of Jesus to your loved ones during the Holidays.

In addition, revenue generated from sales will go towards aiding the Media Evangelism Fellowship. The staff thanks all buyers for their generous support.