Backstreet Boys' Brian Littrell Signs with Christian Label

Littrell says he knew it was his calling since he was singing in the choir at his Baptist church in Kentucky.

Backstreet Boys member Brian Littrell signed a deal with Christian label Provident Music Group’s Reunion Records on Wednesday with his first radio single “In Christ Alone” slated for release next Spring.

The single will be included in WOW #1s album which will be released by Provident-Integrity Distribution on April 5.

Littrell was raised in a Baptist Church in Lexington, Kentucky, and became a born-again Christian at age 8. He said he knew “for a very long time this has been my calling.”

“It was a dream of mine ever since I was a little boy, singing in church in Kentucky," Littrell said Wednesday.

He told Reunion Records, “I hope to reach listeners in this arena and continue to let Backstreet Boys fans know that it’s okay to stand for what you believe in. If I can do something that opens doors and benefits lives in some way, I hope to be able to do that.”

At age 18, Littrell relocated to Orlando, Fl., to join his cousin Kevin Richardsn in becoming a member in the super pop-group Backstreet Boys, which is scheduled to end a three-year hiatus with a new project in March 2005.

Terry Hemmings, president and CEO of Provident Music Group, said of Littrell’s signing, “We are very pleased to welcome Brian into the Provident family. I have had the pleasure of getting to know him over the past two years and experience his enthusiasm for entering this chapter of his recording career. Brian will bring a unique perspective on the Christian life to his music and to our market. We are looking forward to introducing him next year.”

The group's manager says another Backstreet Boy, A.J. McLean, also has expressed interest in singing Christian music.