Hong Kong Oratorio Society Christmas Concert 2004

Celebration concet held December 19, 2004
( [email protected] ) Dec 17, 2004 07:26 AM EST

The Hong Kong Oratorio Society was built in 1955. It quickly grew into a ministry of over a hundred. They have been serving in Hong Kong for generations now. The ministry holds an average of five concerts each year. They have also held concerts overseas such as in Canada, Korea, Philippians, and Singapore. Overtime, they have been considered one of the best Christian music ministry in South East Asia.

They will hold a Christmas concert at 8 pm on December 19 on Sunday. The concert will be held in the Hong Kong Culture Centre. The price of tickets is around $70--$180 HK. Performers will play the famous classical music “Messiah” which was written by George Frideric Handel.

George Fideric Handel was born Halle in Germany on February 23, 1685 and died in London on April 14, 1759. He was the son of a barber surgeon. His father intended him for the law. When he was in 17 years old, he was appointed organist of the Calvinist Cathedral. At the same time, he was studying law. He played the violin and harpsichord in the Hanburg opera house from 1703 to 1706. He accepted an invitation to Italy. During 1706-1710, he had performed operas or other dramatic works given to him in these oratorios cities. And he wrote many Italian cantatas. He was appointed Kapellmeister to the elector in Hanover 1710. He appointed musical director for the Royal Academy of Music in 1720. He left many famous opuses such as Saul-1739, Israel in Egypt-1739, and Messiah-1742. Messiah had its premiere in Dublin. Handel was buried in Westminster Abbey which recognized in England and by many in Germany as the greatest composer of his day.

The conductor of this concert is Mingcun Shu. He was born in Hong Kong. He graduated from the Royal College of Music in London, and the London University. He is an instructor of Originality Act in the Education College of Hong Kong. The concert is combined with Canada Calgary Chinese Club, Shenzhen Philharmonic, and Glee Club of Hong Kong Education College.