Christian Peking Opera for Christmas Season

Acting troupe performing traditional theater to appeal to older Christian Chinese
( [email protected] ) Dec 17, 2004 07:26 AM EST

The House of Christian and House of Actor held a Peking Opera performance called “Christmas Eve in Taipei.” at night on December 11.

The performance was a gospel story performed using the Peking Opera style. Actors dressed in traditional Chinese clothes to act like characters such as angels.

One of the actors was Pastor Saoan Kou. He once portrayed the character named Sixth Brother in the well-received Peking Opera “Fourth Brother visits Mom.”

This is very interesting Opera because it mixed the traditional Chinese Opera with modern opera. This new style opera attracted many Chinese people. They enjoyed the opera. During the opera, there were two Christians actors, ZiQing Ma and Yue Sun who gave testimony after the performance

They testified about the love of God and hope more and more people would receive the gospel. They prayed for people who were not saved. In addition, they hoped people in every corner of the world would receive the gospel. They aslo asked the audience to pray for world peace instead of fighting.

The actor Ziqing Ma said that she was once a picky and crusty person. She would like to force people to do what she wanted. However, she changed after she came to know God on December 28, 2002. She learned how to obey, please and serve other people. Moreover, she recognized when people cannot do things well, God will do it through the person’s prayer. For example, they had a Peking opera with Evangelism Publish on December 5. Because typhoon was coming, and the government officials held the Gold Horse Award Ceremony on December 4, they might not have had a chance to hold the opera. However, eventually, they were able to perform after praying to God. Therefore, many senior fans could enjoy the opera. Although many things are impossible by men, it is possible for God.

The actor Yue Sun said, there were so many people who were not happy in the world. They would pray for them. He believes that those people would receive happiness through their prayer. When Christians pray by faith, God will know their prayer. For example, he was an actor in an ad seeking to help suicidal people. He prayed to God that he could help suicidal people through the ad. It is amazing that one person gave up suicidal thoughts after watching the ad. The person called and thanked to him later on.