Newest Collaboration From Vertical Records Due Out March

( [email protected] ) Jan 04, 2005 05:45 PM EST

Vertical Music announces the March 2005 release of Worship Project P40.3, a new collaborative CD from worship leaders Jason Morant, Dave Lubben, Glenn Packiam, and Lamont Hiebert, lead singer of Ten Shekel Shirt.

According to producer Jeff Quimby (Darrell Evans and Lincoln Brewster), P40.3 is a studio alliance that introduces new songs and new versions of popular worship songs inspired by Psalm 40:3. The enhanced CD offers 12 tracks arranged for both congregational and individual/small group worship settings.

As a resource, P40.3 is enhanced with bonus features including chord charts for four of its songs ("We Lift You Up"/ "Love Song"/ "Take Me To The Cross"/ "Pleasing") with additional chord charts and lyric files available at In addition, Vertical Music Worship Tools Guitar Cam Tutorial Videos (MPEG's) are available for video footage showing fingering for two of the songs on the album ("Unashamed Love"/ "At The Foot Of The Cross").

"We worked to make all of the songs accessible to the local worship leader," says Quimby, who also played percussion on the album. "So, there are no drum loops* it's all percussion, keys and guitar."

When developing the idea for P40.3, Quimby says he felt strongly about the artists involved.

"I knew that I wanted Lamont, Jason, Glen and Dave for this album," says Quimby. "They are so talented individually and, together, they brought a very distinct sound and songwriting style to the effort."

All four artists say they thoroughly enjoyed both the songwriting collaboration and the recording process. Lamont Hiebert comments that, "Making P40.3 was like breaking bread with good friends."

With the exception of four songs, including "40" by U2's Bono, the songs on P40.3 were written by the four worship leaders. Two of the songs feature guest vocalists Dave Chatel, a worship leader from Mobile, Ala., and Liberty University student Abbey Merkel. Quimby explains that he invited Chatel and Merkel's participation to further show the accessibility of the music. Chatel, a local worship leader, performs "At The Foot Of The Cross" while Merkel sings a duet of "Love Song" with Lamont Hiebert.

Ultimately, this record is a reflection of four guys "collaborating over songs and capturing the worship experience in an organic environment," says Quimby. "It was a real bonding and birthing experience."