Switchfoot To Begin Recording Fifth Studio Album

( [email protected] ) Jan 04, 2005 05:46 PM EST

Crossover superstars Switchfoot have announced that they will begin recording their fifth studio project this month. The group, who spent most of 2004 on one of five national tours, wrote all of the material for the new record while on the road.

"We've got like 40 songs written," Foreman told MTV in a recent interview. "We've been traveling a lot and we've been to different places in the world that we've never been before, so I think that will shape the feel of the music. Maybe a little bit more of an Eastern feel to the songs, a little bit more of a darker record."

The album is tentatively scheduled for release this summer and will be produced by John Fields, who worked with the group on The Beautiful Letdown. "He works just as quick as we do, and that adds up," said Foreman.

Meanwhile, the group is considering releasing another single from The Beautiful Letdown, which, after occupying a spot on the top 50 Billboard sales chart for the past 8 months, was recently certified Double Platinum.

"There's a lot of talk about different things," said Foreman, who would support the release of any of the songs. "For me, as a songwriter, I like them all the same."