KJ-52's Behind the Musik in Feb. 2005

Jan 15, 2005 05:40 PM EST

Christian hip-hop artist KJ-52 is preparing for his upcoming release, Behind the Musik, slated to be on shelves Feb. 1, 2005. This new album debut single "Are U Real", which was selected to be the theme song for 2004-2005 Acquire the Fire events, features Jon Micah Sumrall from Kutless.

This album is KJ's most personal album to date, and reveals how this hip-hop innovator constantly stretches the boundaries of his sound and shape. The tracks include the rapper's humor, but hold onto the pathos of the Lord's suffering and the issues of faith for young people. Joining him in this album are guest artists Jeremy Camp, Rebecca St. James, and Jon Micah.

KJ-52 stands as a role model and encouragement for today's youth, being spokesman of God's work in his life. "If there is anything that is typical in my life, it is not having much but doing the best with what I had," he says. "I wasn't the best rapper. In fact I was horrible, but I got better. I did the best I could and I did it for God. I think He blessed me for that."

Behind the Musik is available now for pre-order through KJ-52's website, www.behindthemusik.com.

Behind the Musik (BEC Recordings)

Track Listing:

1. Dad: "that's how you got your name" (intro)

2. Fivetweezy

3. Are You Real? Feat. Jon Micah of Kutless

4. Rock With It

5. God feat. Rebecca St. James

6. Behind The Musik feat. Pee Wee

7. Mom: "sitting in the puddle" (interlude)

8. Thank You

9. Jesus

10. Right Here feat. Jeremy Camp

11. Video Games

12. Plain White Rapper

13. Dad: "Your City" (interlude)

14. Things I Like feat. Goldinchild

15. Life After Death

16. Never Look Away

17. For The Ladies feat. Seth Ready

18. Mom: I wanted to call you Sky (interlude)

19. I Can Call On You feat. Donnie Lewis

20. Cry No More

21. One

22. He is All

23. Dad: "It was God working in your life" (outro)

Nathan C.

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