Join Delirious In Their New Studio Album

( [email protected] ) Jan 20, 2005 04:42 PM EST

Back in United Kingdom, British CCM/rock band Delirious is in the studio this week working on a follow-up to its current hit album World Service, after a year of international touring. You can be there, too, thanks to a live Webcam the band has installed in the control room.

"Some would call it an attempt at breaking into Hollywood, others would consider it evidence that someone's just figured out how to use a Webcam," the band jokes on its web site. "But, either way, it's fly-on-the-wall time with absolutely zero chance of getting swatted."

Watch via Webcam at

Delirious first gained popularity near the turn of the millennium when its passionate brand of heartfelt, electrified anthems to God, such as "I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever," helped spark a worldwide resurgence of worship music. Journalists and fans alike have almost unanimously called the band's latest release, World Service, its best since the 1997 debut, Cutting Edge. For more information, visit

Look for more info on Delirious?'s new studio release coming soon.

Mary Lawrence

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