Deconstruction Site: David Crowder Band's 'Sunsets & Sushi'

( [email protected] ) Jan 20, 2005 10:40 PM EST

Ambitious modern worshipers David Crowder Band re-invent their own work on February 15 with the release of SUNSETS & SUSHI - EXPERIMENTS IN SPECTRAL DECONSTRUCTION. The set "deconstructs" popular songs from the #1 selling ILLUMINATE disc and rebuilds them as ambient tracks.

In turn, the approach highlights the audio creativity and introspective lyrical depth of David Crowder Band.

"David's music has always had an electronic element to it, probably more so than most worship artists," says Brad O'Donnell, A & R director at EMI CMG. "This record takes that side of what he does and shines a spotlight on it. Instead of going the more traditional route of a DJ or 'dance' remix record, I feel like David was able to create an entirely new, ambient mood with these textures, more in line with electronic records like THE POSTAL SERVICE or the GARDEN STATE SOUNDTRACK. And yet, the great songs from ILLUMINATE that people love so much are still intact and able to shine through."

SUNSETS & SUSHI features eight selections: "How Great," "No One Like You," "Stars," "Deliver Me," "Open Skies," "Revolutionary Love," "O Praise Him (All This For A King)," and "Intoxicating." Much of the project was remixed using the Propellerhead Reason software; a trial version of Reason is included on ILLUMINATE.

"This project was an amazing experience," says David Crowder about SUNSETS & SUSHI. "It's a rare opportunity to view one's songs through another's lens."

David Crowder Band is among the most respected acts in modern Christian music today. The six-man group is rooted in the college-based Passion movement which The New York Times calls "Christian Music's New Wave." In 2004, the band was also invited to be a special guest on the One Nation tour with Michael W. Smith and MercyMe.

SUNSETS & SUSHI, in stores February 15, will be supported by David Crowder Band's 2005 winter tour. See a complete list of concert dates at