The Incredibles

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"We have seen the medium cross over from children to adults with these films and the likes of the Shrek films. Now, new from one of the founders in the style, is The Incredibles, and to say the least, this movie is simply INCREDIBLE!"

-Mike Furches (Hollywood Jesus)

Summary & Spiritual Connections

Bob Parr (also known as Mr. Incredible) has a problem. He is bored with his life. He longs for something more.

Fifteen years ago, as a super hero, he fought evil and saved lives on a daily basis. But now, he and his wife superhero, Helen, have agreed to take on ordinary civilian life with their children in the suburbs. Everything seems to be great, except for Bob’s problem. He wants to be a super hero again. But to do so would be a violation of his promise.

Unfortunately, Bob gives into the temptation by going out at night looking for super hero action as Mr. Incredible. He deceives his wife about what he is doing, claiming to be bowling. Bob begins to create distance with those he loves most –his family.

One day he gets a mysterious communication summoning him to a remote island for a top-secret assignment. Again he deceives his wife, and goes off alone. Little does he know that he has fallen into the hands of the enemy who wants to kill him. Bob soon finds himself on an island –separated from his family– and held captive facing death. He is very sorrowful, knowing that he can not save himself.

When his loving family learns of his plight, they go to the isolated island to seek and save him.

The story of The Incredibles points to some very important spiritual truths.

The fact that Mr. Incredible gave into temptation is not unique. We all do. The Bible says "everyone sins." The Bible also says that sin separates us from God, just as sin separated Bob from his loving family. In a very real sense, sin places us on an island of separation, and holds us captive to death itself.

- Hollywood Jesus

Nathan C.

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