Kevin Max Joins 'A Wave of Love?Campaign

Jan 27, 2005 07:58 PM EST

Kevin Max joined A Wave of Love to help inspire Christians to reach out and give to people affected by the tsunami disaster in South Asia. "A Wave of Love: Christians Respond to the South Asia Crisis" is a special campaign that is bringing together Christian charities, artists, radio stations, and record companies to get the word out and help Christians find effective ways to give and serve at this critical time.

"I can't help but think that there is a deeper meaning to all that is happening in the world, the earth and its axis, God and His grand design and the heart and soul of people everywhere that have been affected," says Max. "I have a friend who lost his grandmother in Sri Lanka to the floods, and it proved to me how total and huge the devastation was."

Max is widely known as the enigmatic and charismatic singer of dc Talk, and has one of the most well-known and distinct voices in pop/rock music. During his career with EMI, dc Talk has sold over 8 million records worldwide, won four Grammy Awards and had a Top 40 pop hit with "Just Between You and Me" (Virgin Records), which also received significant airplay on VH1 and MTV.

Max is using his voice to encourage Christians to save lives by giving what they can through Food for the Hungry, one of the charities involved with A Wave of Love. "I am asking everyone that has time and money to help out Food for the Hungry, in any way that you can," says Max. "This organization is one of the best and most dedicated in times of need."

Food for the Hungry is a Christian international charity devoted to helping people throughout the world overcome physical and spiritual hunger. The organization helps impoverished people secure clean sources of water, teaches them various agricultural techniques and promotes community development by providing small business loans. Food for the Hungry is currently working actively to provide food, clean water and aid for victims of the tsunami disaster in Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives and other areas.

"There are many Christian charities, media and artists who are already helping with the relief efforts," says Christopher Redner, director of A Wave of Love. "But this is a huge crisis that needs the kind of response that happens when a wide range of people and charities work together. This campaign is designed to make it easier for Christians to unite to produce a wave of overwhelming love and support for the people affected by this terrible disaster."

A Wave of Love will include radio and internet campaigns, as well as a possible television program to send out a call to Christians to respond to the South Asia crisis and give to participating Christian charities.

All Christian artists, charities, media and creative professionals are invited to contribute their efforts to the campaign by calling Christopher Redner at (253) 874-8400 or by writing [email protected]

Source: CMSpin