Christian Drama Troupe Performs on Tour in Taiwan

The Mustard Seed, a Christian drama troups, performs on tour beginning on February 26.
( [email protected] ) Feb 07, 2005 03:54 AM EST

The Mustard Seed drama troupe will perform the "Smiling Rainbow" at the Kao-Hsiung Culture Center in Taiwan on February 26. The troupe plans to perform this show on tour throughout Taiwan this year.

The "Smiling Rainbow" is the sequel to a previous show performed by The Mustard Seed last year title "Noah's Ark."

Rev. Tai-yi Liao, the producer of the "Smiling Rainbow" expressed hopes that this musical will rekindle godly love in people's heart. He said that the show will reflect the true face of Taiwan's society in the past 50 years. Rev. Liao also mentioned that the true treasure people must seek is the invaluable love of God.

Through abundant musical expressions, said a troupe member, the show will bring more hope, peace, joy, and love to society.

The Mustard Seed troupe now has sixty-five members, all of whom are volunteers. So far, nearly 60,000 people from all over Taiwan have seen their performances live. An additional 100,000 or more have seen their shows presented on DVDs as well.