First Movie Release: "The Days of Noah" in New York

On that day of showing, the auditorium was filled to its maximum capacity including Mr. Andrew Yuen, the general secretary of the production team.
( [email protected] ) Apr 26, 2005 12:28 PM EDT

On April 23, the most revealing documentary film, The Days of Noah, produced by The Media Evangelism Limited & Sparkling Sun International Limited, was shown in New York City. On that day of showing, the auditorium was filled to its maximum capacity with viewers including Mr. Andrew Yuen, general secretary of the production team, who later led the audiences in prayer.

The tour for ‘The Days of Noah ‘ will begin from New Zealand and New York in the East Coast to Los Angeles and San Francisco in the West Coast. Soon after, the tour will proceed to Taiwan, Australia and Canada to show the movie. Speaking on the popularity that this movie has brought to Hong Kong, Andrew Yuan said, “I hope that the same passion and influence in Hong Kong can be stirred in the global Chinese speaking population: making people think about the days of Noah and the true meaning of ark of salvation, guiding them to the Lord.”

After the first showing of the movie, Andrew Yuen shared his thoughts on the entire moving- making experience on Ararat Mountain. He said that in the exploring and filming experience, he really felt that “God is Immanuel, and God a God that listens to my prayers.” He also said that the focus of the movie is not on the ark, but it is focusing combination of the disasters occurring within these one or two year, which inspires people to think, ‘What is the Noah’s ark of today?’ Even though there might not be the flood disaster, but the flooding in our lives can be our marriage, work….” He hopes that people can meditate and allow their hearts to become the Lord’s dwelling place.

Meanwhile, around 20 brothers and sisters stood up in response to his calling and accepted God as their father through prayer. Staff workers from Overseas Evangelical Missions distributed movie-characterized gospel pamphlet and evangelism materials provided by OEM slipped inside yellow envelop. After most people left, the staff workers spoke with newly dedicated individuals in guiding them to a church and in knowing God.

After the movie ended, Andrew Yuen was interviewed by the reporter of Gospel Post. He said that during the process of making this film, they visited a dozen theologians and scientists. On one hand, they came to know the different interpretation of the bible that people have, on the other hand, they came to know and understand all kinds of discoveries that the world has made on the Noah’s ark. In the midst of this, he reached a very important conclusion: “If we use ‘science, archaeology to explain their discovery on Ararat Mountain’, the people of the world will only view this discovery as just another news or an extra scientific discovery. Those who do not believe still will not believe.”

“How do you allow the spirit to change? Jesus Christ said in the bible that, ‘And as were the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.” Our generation is like that generation. We not only wish to present this knowledge and finding, but we wish to spread the message of faith, become the witness for the Lord, and help people reflect on the basis of discovery.”

He then spoke about ‘Noah’s Ark’, a scientific film produced by BBC not long ago. In the face of these films that challenge the authority of the bible, he wishes that he can fulfill his commission, which is to bring more people to the Lord and helping to restore the relationship between man and God.

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