CRRS Host 'Life Touch Concert' at Daly City Cumberland Presbyterian Church

The funds raised will be used to provide English training for teachers at Malipo of Yunnan, so that chilrden in remote and poverty stricken area of Yunnan will receive free quality English education.
( [email protected] ) May 27, 2005 03:11 AM EDT

While over 800 attendees of fund-raising program last year in Canada gave donation to offer education to children in China, the Culture Regeneration Research Society is pressing on to fulfill the commission of spreading the gospel through the education of teachers in Malipo at Yunnan this year.

CRRS will host a fund-raising concert called 'Life Touching Concert', and the funds collected will go towards 'Life Touching Project'. 'Life Touching Project' will provide financial support for teachers to receive free English training, so that children in remote and poverty-stricken area of Yunnan will receive quality English education.

CRRS wishes that the children living in poverty stricken areas of China can learn to speak at least simple English, because as China develops more rapidly the more will the society demand the usage of English to keep up with the international community.

The concert will be held at Daly City Cumberland Presbyterian Church on June 4 at 7:30pm.

CRRS hopes that through 'Life Touching Project', teachers can be evangelized, and the gospel can be passed down to the children.

Anthony Chan and jnX Worship Team and Mienh Church Choir will lead the concert. Dr. Melvin Wong will spend some time to share. In addition, a vision sharing video from Dr. Thomas In-sing Leung will be shown.

Established in 1994, Cultural Regeneration Research Center, a non-profit and non-governmental ministry, seeks to serve as the bridge for China and the rest of the world in this generation, and to allow China's cultural contribution to influence the world, becoming the future source of strength for human kind.

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